Tuesday, February 02, 2016


NRK has published today online full versions of their ten finalists, listen here. Icebreaker that was kinda by favorite thanks to the snippet turns out to be a mix up from at least three different songs.... Not sure anymore. Feel the rush takes us via Romania to Africa. Suite 16 sounds even more Norway's Satin Cirkus that I expected. But in this uninspired medicore group of songs it's only a good thing. Walking the streets of Moscow with my girlfriend..... that has just maybe become my favorite. Can't wait to see those angry ladies belt this out live dancing to the disco!

Agnete - Icebreaker
Elouiz - History
Freddy Kalas - Feel the rush
Laila Samuels - Afterglow
Makeda - Stand up
Pegasus - Anyway
Stage Dolls - Into the fire
Stine Hole Ulla - Traces
Suite 16 - Anna Lee
The Hungry Hearts feat Lisa Dillan - Laika

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