Saturday, February 06, 2016


Krista Siegfrids and Roope Salminen hosted the first #UMK16 semifinal fro YLE's studios in Helsinki and we have the first qualifiers... with some surprises! The show went smoothly and nicely, Krista and Roope provided the interval act show with their theme show, the history spots of Finland's Eurovision in the 1960's and 1970's - remember this year we will select our 50th entry! - and general the show was followed closely on social medias and one of the most used comments was #WTF? Hopefully meaning the show was good and surprising. 
People have been able to vote for the entries all week online and the three qualifiers based on those were Saara Aalto, Stella Christine and Pää-äijät. That result changed after tonight's live performances.... (click artists for videos)
Saara Aalto featured in her number a perfect clichée Eurovision number with bare chested male dancers, wardrobe trick and all that.... More is more. 
Mikko Herranen had a static rock performance with dry ice, multiple Mikko in the end playing all the instruments and a trick gone bad in the beginning. Add weak vocals....
Stella Christine had the "random chick from Kotka" act with girl and guitar, two female backing singers doing their own choreography and a dancing couple. And good vocals.
Eini had looooong legs, short dress, fire rain, male dancers and good secure performance and vocals.
ClemSo had five excellent female dancers and one African guy, very cute dancing and moves and even if vocaly maybe a little bit disappointing a very entertaining and solid performance.
Pää-äijät started their show in the jacuzzi with pink foam and then it escalated to I don't know what..... in the end they were flying over the jacuzzi and we were wondering what happened.... 
In the end it was ladies' night: 
Saara, Stella and Eini to the final!!

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