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Tonight the show goes on. The other Big ten perform their song and they are voted by televote/press jury and we will discover the previsional top-6 and bottom-4. But there will be the first eliminations as well, among the Newcomers in direct duels. The show is expected to last again 3,5 hours. And then there's another hour of Dopofestival....
Last night over 550.000 tweets were sent with #Sanremo2016 and Arisa got the tweeters wils (maybe thanks to her look)
Tonight's guest stars are Eros Ramazzotti, Ellie Goulding, Nino Frassica and Nicole Kidman
Join me tonight again here 20.30 CET for some live blogging :-)

20.45 Here we go again!
20.50 And we start away with the first Newcomers duel, the female one.
Newcomers Duels:
Chiara Dello Iacovo - Introverso Vs Cecile - N.e.g.r.a
Chiara does a good job with her song. She gives a relaxed and confident performance against a very colorful backdrop. Well done.
Cecile brings some antiracism to Ariston. Dramatic backdrop, male rapper with her on stage. Unfortunately the song doesn't work so well with big orchestra I think. I suppose Chiara will qualify after all.....
And Chiara wins with 64%. Cecile is out. And quickly to the next duel.....
Irama starts. And oh boy, does he have words in his song! So many they have to be projected t the backdrop to get them I guess. These Newcomers have much better backdrops than the Big ones last night! He does a good job with this untraditional anremo song.
Ermal is Albanian and the big favorite to win this year's Newcomers, some say he should be among the Big really thanks to all hits he has written for Mengoni, Emma, Renga etc. He also has a very graphic and colorful backdrop. His song flows nicely and is catchy enough. I suppose he wins hands down this duel. 
Ermal meta wins with 59% only. I expected a lot more. Interesting!
It's worth remembering the Newcomers songs have been online already since forever and so the voting time is very short. Tonight's decision is 50-50 televote-Press vote 
Le Salut Salon open the serious part of the show now that the Newcomers are out of the way.
Time for the Big

21.25 Dolcenera - Ora o mai piú (le cose cambiano)
Long white and black graphic dress for her that you don't see as she's sitting at the piano - like when she won in 2003 - and yes, she's got the #SanremoArcobaleno with her. Fantastic vocals, blues song with big backing vocals. Familiar sounding yet fresh at the same time. Me likes. 
21.30 Enter ballerina Carla Fracci.... or is it Virginia? :-o I think I'm in love. Move over Lucina Littizzetto.....
21.36 Clementino - Quando sono lontano
PopRap in Italian and Napoletan about emigrants. With piano and acoustic guitar. Not very original but kinda nice anyways. At least the first listening. 
21.40 Patty Pravo - Cieli immensi
Patty celebrates her 50th anniversary in business here. She was invited as a guest of honor but she preferred to be in the competition. Oh well, this is one of the best songs in the festival no doubt. Only her voice and way of singing is something I have never liked. But the song is great! And excellent performance otherwise! (Forget the botox....)
And here is finally conductor Bebbe Vessicchio!
22.01 Enter Eros Ramazzotti! Medley of his Sanremo hits first starting with his 1984 newscomer winner Terra promessa, then 5th places Una storia importante and finally Adesso tu, the winner of 1986. And on to other hits....
And he joins the #SanremoArcobaleno movement :-) And he dares to put it in words: "Family is important. Any kind of family it is. That's why I have this thing here" Bravo!
And then his latest, Rosa nata ieri
22.23 Valerio Scanu - Finalmente piove
Scanu joins the #SanremoArcobaleno, too. His song is a ballad and very melodic, very Italian. Maybe a bit over performed and I may need another listening to decided where this lands. But not bad. Not at all.
No comment :-)
22.28 Francesca Michielin - Nessun grado di separazione
Tonight's even more rainbow as Michielin joins in with her bracelet. But why she's dressed as granny? Or is it boarding school uniform gone wrong? The song is very catchy pop ballad. Not very original I'm afraid. I'm wondering if the studio version is more modern? Rather repetitive in the end.
22.40 Time for Ezio Bosso. A pianist. Tonight Sanremo, tomorrow Royal Albert Hall, then Vienna.... What can I say? I'm speechless. That was quite brilliant. Human body and brain are such a weird thing....
Standing ovation and memebers of orchestra in tears. And rightly so.
"Don't forget music is like life - it must be experienced together!"
22.57 Alessio Bernabei - Noi siamo infinito
Vlosest thing to dance we get in Sanremo, a bit like Nek last year. Ex-Dear Jack doesn't manage to lift this song up like Nek did with his last year. I spent 3 minutes waiting for the explosion that never came. And it's not only Alessio's fault. The song goes on and on .....
23.03 Elio e Le Storie Tese - Vincere l'odio
They are apparently clsoing their long career so this was a good occasion to throw all the unused songs or their refrains together and here's the result. Choruses after choruses. Sadly they have come 3rd and 2nd in the previous occasions so be afraid.... Humor. It's a difficult thing.
23.10 Enter Ellie Goulding and Love me like you do. And Army. That is a noia mortale or deathly booooring......
23.28 Neffa - Sogni e nostalgia
I don't know what that was but I'm not sure I want to hear it again. Maybe....
23.33 Enter Nicole Kidman

23.54 Annalisa - Il diluvio universale
Annalisa in long white dress and red hair. Half spoken song with banging piano, takes ages to get anywhere. A bit screamy performance. Not sure about this one either. 
In love with Carla Fracci 
00.03 Zero Assoluto - Di me e di te
This was quite nice midtempo song. At least with the first hearing. 
00.14 Enter comic Nino Frassica and he is funny for real. Now this is class unlike last night's nonsense. Nino forever!
Mad's looks tonight
00.35 Finally the results.Both my favorites are in red zone: Dolcenera and Zero Assoluto. Sigh
00.49 Goodnight and join me again tomorrow!

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