Thursday, February 11, 2016


Someone wrote already before the Sanremo 2016 festival started it's going to be gayest ever with Elton John and gay icons Laura Pausini, Patty Pravo, Dolcenera etc in it. But thanks to ongoing debat on civil unions in Italy and #SanremoArcobaleno campaign, aka Rainbow Sanremo, it is gaining visibility and making people talk. 
The first night was just silent display of rainbow colored ribbons that Noemi, Arisa, Enrico Ruggeri and Irene Fornaciari were sporting but the second night exploded with Dolcenera and Valrio Scanu with the ribbons, Patty Pravo and Francesc Michielin with rainbow bracelet, Annalisa with a little tattoo in her hand, Ermal Meta rainbow in his shoes, legendary and loved conductor Bebbe Vessicchio with a powtie and Elio e Le Storie Tese in pink suits and the backdrop that was an explosion of rainbow colors. And Eros Ramazzotti who only didn't fly the rainbow ribbons all over the place but also spoke about them. In the end of the evening also Carlo Conti commented them saying "everyone was free to wear it and some did, some didn't, it's their choice".
So, should we now think those who didn't are homophobes or against equal rights? No. This rainbow ribbons things is a nice gesture for silent support and as such should stay. But let's see now if the pressure will make those who didn't wear it to join in but then we can also ask how sincere they are. The first night maybe not everyone was yet aware of it but the second night... Neffa, Zero Assoluto, Bernabei, Clementino.... really?

Update: Rocco Hunt told in an interview he wasn't fully aware of the inititative the first night but fully supports the cause, and his song itself is already a wake up call for Italians.

After three nights 16/20 Big have supported #SanremoArcobaleno in some way, either with ribbons, tattoo, bracelets etc and along them conductor Bebbe Vessichhio, guests Eros Ramazzotti, Pooh and Hozier and co-host Gabriel Garko. Laura Pausini verbally. Among the Newcomers at least Ermal meta and Michael Leonardi.
The ones still missing the call are Dear Jack, Stadio, Zero Assoluto and Lorenzo Fragola. What are they waiting for?

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