Monday, February 08, 2016


Cristal Snow returns to Finnish national selection after 8 years (Can't save me, 2008) and comes out as a serious artist. Gone are the drag show elements and even facial make up and masks. The mysterious Cristal has since come out as his real self, and with a lot of experience as a media person in radio and online. Now he has left that succesful paert of his life for relaunching his music career. It first started back in 2007 when he had returned from New York where he studied in the City Collage theater and creative writing, and performing in clubs. Two albums and several minor hits later he put a stop to that and concentrate on other things, like a hugely popular parodies online. His vieo for this entry is directed by his sister, and has caused quite a stir. Now it will be interesting to see how he translates that to live stage. He's also a huge Eurovision fan and has been involved also as a commentator before. Check out his other videos after the jump...


Blogilkar: My first and biggest concern is how will be sing live and how the song will be presented. I have had a soft spot for Cristal and some of his old hits I have adored. This one's a well written song, fits the Eurovision and grows til the finishing climax. "You look like Jesus but taste like sin" is already a classic phrase. We might be close to something epic here or then it will fall flat. Time will tell. Therefor 4/5 until I see the staging and live.

Jack: Cristal Snow is among the favoutites to represent Finland and even though I do like their song, I don't want it to win. The lyrics are cheesy and the tune itself is a bit forgettable but on a brighter note it's better than Donny's "Love Is Blind". 3/5

Peter: I don't know if they're going blindly for the gay vote, maybe they are, but I'm missing something and I'm not sure how well this will be performed on stage.   The song itself has little variation in it, though it's not as boring as it could be. It has potential depending on the other songs, but it's not a favourite. 3/5

Robert:  This one is clearly my favorite of this #UMK16. Immediately when I heard this for the first time, my attention was all there and I love the melody and the singing. Then I saw the video and it made it grow even bigger. Well done and hopefully this will be chosen for Finland 5/5

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