Sunday, February 07, 2016


Attention 2 are twins Nina and Anni from Espoo, this blogger's home town! They are still 15 but will be 16 in time for Stockholm so no worries. They are huge Eurovision fans as are they family and relatives and they have watched it as long as they can remember with all the proper side effects: getting together, giving points, trying to pick up the winner, having fun with the whole family and this year instead of watching the Finnish national selection at home sofa they are part of it. They are happy and smiley and energetic, a bit like Jedward! And they are fans of them of course. Other names include Little Mix, Spice Girls. Besides Eurovision they dream of performing at London's O2 Arena.... Their song is written by Pihka ja Myrsky who took part in #UMK15. They knew the girls and decided to help them with their Eurovision dream. They might be young but they have experience on stage from their school's stage to Helsinki's Peacock Theater's Rocksville musical....

Blogilkar: I think these girls are adorable (and mind you in theory I should hate them or at least dislike them greatly!). The song is the one that stuck in my head after one hearing and been playing in my head ever since. I suppose if they manage to bring half of the happy energy in video on stage and give out a relaxed no worries performance we might be in for a surprise....  I'm certainly ready for the Attention 2 show! 5/5

Jack: The song is catchy but I don't think they should win. Or even make the final. Even though 'Ready For The Show' is catchy and cute, all the other songs in this semi are superior. 2/5

Peter: Ok, looks like a "fun" song, but it's got very little variation and   seems a bit on the corny side. Personally it does nothing for me, even the chorus is boring. Not exactly ground breaking, actually pretty dismal  2/5

Robert: The twins are fun and energy and I like their singing together but the song is a bit too childish for me. But I will play it to my little niece and I'm sure I get her dancing 2/5

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