Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Tension is high. Sanremo festival has taken over the Italian media and for one week politics, immigrants and all the problems are forgotten and it's all about music and gossip because Sanremo è Sanremo! 
Carlo Conti will be hosting from Teatro Ariston in Sanremo number 66 with Madalina Ghenea, Virginia Raffaele and Gabriel Garko.
This festival Sanremo is going to be the most LGBTQ friendly ever with the ongoing discussion in Italy for equal rights. Laura Pausini has been fronting the argument for 20 years, and do we need to mention Elton John? On top of that there's an initiative to have all artists wearing soemthing Rainbow, let's see how that will work. It seems Arisa and Patty Pravo have already engaged into the project. As long as we won't see a dress like Lydia all is fine....
On top of that there's a rumour one of the artists is pregnant. Could it be Arisa? That would explain her sudden chance of heart concersing Eurovision perfectly.....
Ten Big songs will be heard tonight - see running order below - and there will be guest performances by Laura Pausini (approx 22.00) and Elton John (approx 23.00) and also by Maitre Gims at some point. Comedian trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo will be there as well, along with athlete Giuseppe Ottaviani (aged 99). Showtime 20.30 until 00.30 when aftershow Dopofestival takes place until 01.30. In theory :-) Let's see how long they run over this year.... but credit to be given to Conti, he has managed to keep the flow and show running and cut down the overruns last year so..... maybe.
Curiously Lorenzo Fragola will be the first out (so were Marco Mengoni in 2013 and Arisa in 2014) and other superfavorites Noemi (2nd) and  Caccamo & Iurato (4th) are out early as well so they intend to go out with the bang.


Now this is how to open the show: All 65 previous winners in a medley! Now it got me in the mood big time! And then a long small talk medley with the artists with images from the Red Carpet and rehearsals to get to know them better, stories behind their participation, what they think of each other and all that sort of things....
22.12 enter Carlo Conti. After 42 minutes of the show :-) The opening music was an hommage to late David Bowie. The stage and lights are very beautiful this year, I must say. 

21.16 Lorenzo Fragola - Infinite volte
Dark suit for 20-year-old Lorenzo. The song has been described as Mengonian, and indeed it's a classic Sanremo ballad. Maybe just not strong enough like L'Essenziale for example. Same goes for Eurovision. But most likely he will better his last year's placement. 
21.22 Noemi - La borsa di una donna
Enter Noemi in black long dress and trademark red hair. Beuariful song with interesting lyrics and well sung with her wonderful voice. Maybe not so immediate and suitable for Eurovision. First rainbow in sight in her microphone stand.
Enter Virginia as Sabrina Ferilli .... lool
21.34 Dear Jack - Mezzo respiro
Dark suits for them, too. Weak vocals, rather boring and uninspired in every way. Half a breath indeed. And even that stolen from Mengoni.
Enter Giuseppe Ottaviani (99, 100 in May). A sportsman with too many medals and records to remember. His recipe for good life: love, joy, salad eating, curiosity. His favorite song is Vecchio scarpone from 1953..... that he sings of course! (Better vocals than Dear Jack I may add...)
Enter il valletto Gabriel Garko
21.49 Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato - Via da qui
The hot favorite duo enter in grey and blue for him, purple dress for her. Both sitting down at first. Good vocals, soft ballad with enough drama. Classy and sweet. Very Italian. Very Sanremo. Very Eurovision, too :-)
21.58 It's Laura Pausini time! With a medley of her hits. She told before this stage scares her still and she only hopes she won't sing bad because she'll be so nervous. Well, so far so good... Oh yes, she kicks ass and shows what has made a global star and sold 70 million records, 4 Grammys. I have seen her live twice and she's a LIVE artist first, recording one second. Her story started her when she was 18 so it's a bit of home coming.....
Laura 1993 duets with Laura 2016 in La solitudine. In the same jacket! 
And yes, she managed to lecture about being same even if different in introduction to Simili. #Sanremoarcobaleno
22.24 Stadio - Un giorno mi dirai
Starts as a soft rock ballad with almost shispered vocals but then builts up to a rock anthem. In a very Italian way. Not my cup of tea in the end I guess.
22.30 Arisa - Guardando il cielo
Very casually dressed - already described in social medias as pyjamas - and she have borrowed Noemi's rainbow stripes. Very beautiful piano driven song and wonderful vocals. There's a rumour she's pregnant and could be the reason she has changed her mind of Eurovision finding it too stressful at this moment. Very absent minded performance but that's part of her charm.....
And then some humour with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo......
22.55 Enrico Ruggeri - Il primo amore non si scorda mai
Also Ruggeri goes for #Sanremoarcobaleno :-) Rock outfit for this rock pop song in reggae rhythm. catchy and instant. Never been a big fan of his but I think I kinda like this.....
Also Conti takes the Rainbow mic :-)
After awarding Aldo, Giacomo and Giovanni for their 25 years of career Conti reminds and thanks us about the police and security that is taking care of the safety all around Teatro Ariston; there's a protection zone and the airspace is closed. Plus metal detectors and ID controls everywhere...
23.05 Morgan & Bluvertigo - Semplicemente
Morgan seems to be very down with the voice. The song is a midtempo but it's hard to get a clear picture thanks to his vocals. I suppose I go for a yawn than yippee though. They alos support #Sanremoarcobaleno
"Sabrina" is propably the best thing so far tonight :-)
23.20 Enter Elton John with Your song
Sorry seems to be the hardest word follows before a new one, Blue wonderful
Now this was quite funny :-)
23.42 Rocco Hunt - Wake up
Finally some rhythm! Napoletan rap with text that matters. I kinda liked it. 
23.48 Irene Fornaciari - Blu
Another lady in black. And with the Pride stripes. Viva #Sanremoarcobaleno! The song has a lovely atmosphere and melody. I guess the weakest link is Irene herself. Shame. The song is about the refugees that have lost their lives in the Blue...
Enter Maitre Gims, tonight's last guest star. Est-ce que tu m'aimes? I like it
Annd then he refuses to take off his sunglasses.... But he gets a Platinum disc for his sales in Italy and has went to #1 again in all digital platforms, says Conti.....
Before the results some of the ladies dresses...
00.39 RAI just showed an ad for Eurovision! OMG! From Sanremo to Eurovision.....

So the ones in the bottom-4 are Noemi, Dear Jack, Bluvertigo and Irene Fornaciari. Please note the green ones are also in random order. Noemi and Bluvertigo will be surely saved once the "Expert jury" takes action later in the week. That's all for tonight. Join me tomorrow again :-)

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