Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Rafaela Truda. A singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, musician and beautician. With love from Macedonia to Finland and via Norway back to Finland. She has sung everything from heavy to jazz and pop but rapping and EDM is her thing now. She loves Eurovision and could also represent Macedonia, but feels Finland is more here home now as she hasn't spent so much time in there. She has been shy showing her music so this is her big debut. Will she rise up as the new shining star?
Blogilkar: Is this Helena Paparizou singing Ariana Grande? Well, truth to be said, I had never heard nor cared that Ariana Grande song in question and just loved the sax here. The video is cleverly filled with references to pieces of art but the song itself isn't that artsy, is it? After two minutes the song is already heard and it's just repetition and not so effectively. Shame. This could have been so much better really 3/5

Jack: #OhhMyGaaawd! I am loving this one and really want Rafaela to win. My favourite song in UMK by a million miles. It's modern, has an interesting arrangement, will appeal to an international audience and she's very cute. If we judge by YouTube hits alone, she's the winner. Let's hope the performance lives up to the song. Would be among my favourites in Stockholm if selected. Please send her Finland!! 5/5

Peter: The playful intro is good, leading to a strong melody, reminding me of a song Turkey might enter. I find the chorus a bit repetitive, but other than that this is a strong song, good radio possibilities and sung by an attractive and   talented performer. 4/5

Robert: The thing with Rafaela's song is that I don't mind it at all if it passes on radio and it really grabs my attention but it isn't something new or exciting, and her voice is mediocre. 2/5

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