Thursday, February 11, 2016


Ylona (or Ilona Savolainen) is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Helsinki and until now unknown for great public. She has studied music and has been singing for years already in various bands and productions as well as solo in events like weddings and she can sing everything from pop to hardrcok to jazz. She was chosen to sing this song with contacts and mutual friends, and she said Yes! immediately after hearing it. It's about believing in yourself, having courage and making it. 

Blogilkar: If I only listen to this I like it a lot. The video is very distracting and unfitting I think. Ylona's got a nice voice, and I want to like this more than I do maybe. A mix of old school Madonna meets Frozen or something. 4/5

Jack: Ylona's song has something. I can't quite put my finger on it although there's something rather special about this entry. I kinda love it. The song has an amazing message and actually, I think this could be a dark horse for victory. Am looking forward to the live performance. 4/5

Peter: Ylona goes straight to the song and the buildup is good. The melody is a bit monotonous  though which could go against it. The chorus doesn't seem to go anywhere though I do like the pause berfore the final encore of the chorus. I hope she does more on stage than she does on the video. 3/5

Robert: This kind of song has been heard a lot already in the Swedish preselections. It doesn't do much to me but it's not bad either 2/5

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