Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Sanremo is not only music and songs. It's also one of the biggest fashion shows in Italy. One can describe it five day long red carpet where all designers want to be. This year is no exception. We know that Carlo Conti will trust Salvatore Ferragamo once again with one new suit for every night. It has taken three months to make them.... Madalina Ghenea is this year's "model" and has 15 dresses ready for the five nights from Alberta Ferretti, who has privided five of them, then she wears Vionnet and Libanese Zuhair Murat. Virginia Raffaele has kept mysterious about her choices but she's wearing different designers every night. Gabriel Garko has chosen Gianni Battistoni and he will be wearing suits inspired every night by different legendary movie stars: Paul Newman, Marcello Mastoianni, Gary Crant, Marlon Brando and Sean Connery.
Nicole Kidman is a star of such calibre she can keep Giorgio Armani and Chanel waiting whose dress she will eventually choose. And then we have the artists......
Happy Sanremo Fashion Week everyone!

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