Thursday, February 11, 2016


Carlo Conti must be satisfied, his second Sanremo beats even his first one. Last night an average of 10,748.000 viewers and 49,91 share, that is even better than the first night. Patty Pravo was the most watched with over 14 milion viewers, as was Clementino. Michielin and Dolcenera reached over 13 milion, Scanu, Bernabei and Elio over 12 million while Neffa goes just over 10, Zero Assoluto a bit over 8 and Annalisa just under 8 milion. 
But things change when you look at the highest share during their performances. Zero Assoluto scored 57,17% share at some point of their performance, followed by Neffa, Elio and Annalisa. Lowest here are Dolcenera, Scanu and Clementino.
But Conti and his team and go on confident to the third night. Comedian Virginia Raffaele is absolutely fantastic. First night she was doing actress Sabrina Ferilli, last night ballerina Carla Fracci, can't wait what she's up to tonight!

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