Friday, February 05, 2016


Sanremo's 66th festival kicks off next Tuesday but the betting is on, and it seems we have clear favorites. It's worth remembering most every year there is a big favorite and quite often they also do win like it was Il Volo's case last year. As soon as the names were out they emerged as the top favorites to beat, and now more Sicilians are at it: Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato with their Via da qui. They are young and fresh, both from the same Sicilian town and both already winners: Caccamo won the Sanremo Newcomers last year (and co-write the 3rd placed song by Malika Ayane in the Big category, Iurato instead is the winner of Amici reality talent show in 2014.
They are followed by more reality related artists: Lorenzo Fragola (who's entry already exists also in English and in case of a win we might have not only Spain but also Italy opting for a full English song... but let's not run too fast!) is the winner of X Factor 2014. Noemi, also known from X Factor both as a contestant and the judge, completes the top-3 in predictions.
Check out the full list (it hasn't really changed since the start) and the previous Italian Eurovision duets after a jump...
Let's see how these will change after Tuesday and Wednesday 
when they wil be performed live to the masses....

Caccamo & Iurato  3.00
Lorenzo Fragola  5.00
Noemi  5.00
Annalisa  8.00
Elio e Le Storie tese  8.00
Alessio Bernabei  9.00
Dolcenera  9.00
Arisa  12.00
Francesca Michielin  12.00
Valerio Scanu  16.00
Patty Pravo  25.00
Enrico Ruggeri  25.00
Stadio  25.00
Rocco Hunt  25.00
Morgan & Buvertigo  33.00
Dear Jack  33.00
Zero Assoluto  50.00
Irene Fornaciari  50.00
Neffa  66.00
Clementino  66.00

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