Saturday, January 25, 2014


The semifinal from Peacock Theater is over and we have finalists. Some artists did better, some not so. Jasmin Michaela all of sudden was rather bland and televoters kicked her out, which is a surprise anyways. Dennis Fagerström still didn't manage to make anything out if his bland yet cute and sweet song an out he goes. MIAU and Hukka ja Mama really shined, whether you like or not their songs. Mikko Pohjola further secured his favorite status.... Clarissa feat. Josh still didn't make it on stage and vocally. The fans like the studio version and it works, like a song that's 13 in a dozen works. Live and on stage less so. Next week the final will take place in Barona Arena in Espoo, and Krista Siegfrids will be the guest star, obviously! Anyways, here is the final list. It's far from said and done deal, I still think any of these 8 could end up winning, but of course I have my favorites and dislikes, but I guess I could be more or less happy with five of these even if one stands way above the rest:

MadCraft - Shining bright
Hukka ja Mama - Selja
Lauri Mikkola - Going down
MIAU - God/drug
Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
Clarissa feat. Josh Standing - Top of the world
Softengine - Something better
Hanna Sky - Hope

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