Saturday, January 18, 2014


What a surprise, but maybe a deserved one. Hanna Sky - who I actually saw in a local bus the other day :-) - has really trasformed her uninspired and dark number into colorful anthem of hope and it made the difference. I'm a bit surprised MadCraft was so close to dropping out but was it only because of the judges remains to be seen as we don't know the televotes. But Mikko was only four points behind Hanna in jury votes so it seems also televoters fell for Hanna... Now the two songs that made the final so far are completely different. This is going to be very interesting and anything can still happen. Lat year the mechanism was a bit different when two songs went to the final diretly from the elimination grounds so there were already four of them, now only two.....
MAKEA's campaign in social medias didn't work as they didn't attract enough televoters to overcome the last place with judges.....

Tomi: MAKEA 4, Madcraft 5, Clarissa 6, Lauri 7, Mikko 8 and Hanna 9
Redrama:  Madcraft 4, MAKEA: 5, Lauri 6, Clarissa 7, Mikko 9 and Hanna 10
Toni: MAKEA 4, Lauri 5, Clarissa 6, Madcraft 7, Mikko 8 and Hanna 9
Aija: : Madcraft 5, Clarissa 6, MAKEA 7, Lauri 8, , Mikko 9 and Hanna 10

1. Hanna Sky - Hope 38
2. Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla 34
3. Lauri Mikkola - Going down 26
4. Clarissa feat Josh - Top of the world 25
5. MadCraft - Shining bright 21
6. MAKEA - Painovoima 20

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