Saturday, January 11, 2014


Emanuele Lombardini, journalist and editor of Italian Eurovision site Eurofestival News and European music site Euromusica - Dove c'è musica has kindly reviewed the UMK 2014 songs for Blogilkar. Here goes: 

1 - Madcraft - Shining bright
Easy pop rock that is extremely radio friendly, at times reminiscent of "Salvem el mon" of Anonymous ( Andorra 2007). Historically, this kind of rock is not usually very lucky in ESC but the this is written well, it should deserve a chance.
2 - Dennis Fageström - My little honey bee
Played only once, this is the only song that has immediate impact . Genuine pop, a song of love that typically works well. Radio friendly, simple, interpretation in line with the song. Would do much honor to the contest.
3 - MIAU - God/Drug
The beat works, you start beating your foot along the music. Maybe a little repetitive, but you listen and start singing along on the first listening. The blonde singer surely works: her face and looks. And even the neon drum sticks are not bad at all.
4 - Hanna Sky - Hope
Average song that really never gets going. She's good, the song is not strong enough
5 - Hukka Ja Mama - Selja
Not working. Far from a sound that makes the impact. Something else is needed to stand out.
6 - Clarissa ft. John Standing - Top of the world
1990's dancepop, never taking off. Average song like there are many. Duet works but there's the feeling that it needs something more. And then there's already been a song called "On top of theworld" in the ESC. And jthat's enough as it was also much better.
7 - MAKEA - Painovoima
The idea of the crossover with rap is good. But in Finnish it becomes too tough . Radio product, it can work at domestic market, less in the ESC
8 - Jasmin Michaela - Kertakäyttösydän
Interesting powerpop in national language. Reminds of something already heard, even in the Eurovision, but it is a genre that you always listen very willingly.
9 - Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
A ballad sung well, a bit boring. Therefore, it does not work
10 - Softengine - Something better
The New Wave is back! A lot of electronics in the service of an uptempo song that is a bit dated but pleasant. Too screamed in the end
11 - Lauri Mikkola - Going down
Very well sung, radio friendly pop ballad. But it slips away like water ...
12 - Lili Lambert - Let me take you there
The operation works. Starts slowly, takes off along the way and eventually this leads to a new wave atmosphere . Nothing original, but a very good level of production anyways.

Tonight the first live elimination round will take place in Helsinki's Peacock Theater. The names in red will take part and one is eliminated, one goes gets a free ticket to the final while the other four will have to go on fighting for the final tickets in next round.  The show starts at 8pm CET on YLE2 while on internet there's also a preshow with interviews and backstage.

Several artists have already released their music videos and some have signed a record deal the past few days, read more here. Don't forget to vote for your favorite in my poll ->

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