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It's time to kick out one again. Who will follow Lili Lambert out, and who will join Softengine already in the final? Anne Lainto and Ile Uusivuori are hosting the show live from Helsinki's Peacock Theater in Linnamäki amusement park from 8pm CET. The guest star tonight is Musta Barbaari.
You can watch it live here. The backstage UMK+ will start already 7.30pm CET online. 
Join me tonight for the live blogging experience. Once again I will translate what the judges say, comment and gossip. Stay tuned! (Meanwhile why not voting your favorites in my pol ->)

20.35 Here we go again. The backstage is interviewing Aija Puurtinen and they talk about her band. Next is Cristal Snow! He is there for Mikko Pohjola, his future ex-husband to be - only that Mikko doesn't know it yet! Then we have two bloggers who also seem to be in favor for Mikko. And you can add this blogger to that list, too. They think Hanna Sky is in danger - or she could be the dark horse tonight. At this point I'm also thinking Hanna might go home tonight but let's see after the performances....  Then we go to Lauri and Sippo asks what he thinks of being an European wide sex symbol (according some website)... "No pressure" he says! And his backing singers are actually Jasmine's girls! Mikko is next and of course they talk about his video. Will he take off his shirt tonight, too? We will see... But one question remains: Is he wearing any pants in the video? Hmm... Next Hanna Sky. Some talk about her pyjamas, I mean her very conformatable dress. MadCraft rape Vicky Rosti's Sata salamaa next... MAKEA's Kadi has a bit risky dress. And why is he rapping? For no reason... Josh's tan spray didn't work and so he has no tan. And he lives now with Clarissa and Clarissa's boyfriend. Josh doesn't snore.... so that you now know! Outi Pyy, the fashion blogger, who talks about the fashion competition where viewers can become stylists for the presenters Anne and Ile...And once again they talk about the international tweeters. If you want to join in it's #UMK14.

20.55 We move on to the live TV-broadcast and have a look at the media coverage this week. Almost 6000 tweets already and MadCraft is the most tweeted this week while Hanna Sky is the climber this week. This week's UMK related media buzz was created by Mikko Pohjola's video release. MadCraft also has the most followers in Facebook.... so uness the jurors put them down they might sail to the final tonight.... like it or not!

21.00 Here we go! The judges Redrama, Aija Puurtinen, Toni Wirtanen and Tomi Saarinen enter the theater.

MAKEA - Painovoima
MAKEA kicks of the evening. They have changed to more relaxed outfits, Kadi in black seethrough dress. Fine vocals and one must give credit to the rapper: you can hear every word he raps and there's no need for guessing what did he say. Excellent pronunciation. I like this one in some weird way, the singing part is beautiful. Tomi likes the fact they mix all sort of different styles and make them work. A bit crazy but somehow it works. And message to all critizing them home: come to the live broadcast and rap like that if you can! Redrama likes this song, too. It's not easy to mix two different music styles this well and Kadi and Olli both performed well. Toni thinks the big live audience makes them shine, it's fresh, original and somehow this puzzle works, even the guitar solo. Aija also thinks the soloists took the stage well, shined but Kadi could do even better! 
Lauri Mikkola - Going down
Lauri says in the postcard he has an international song that would be easy to export. And that his first performance was like a funeral, he must do better.  he has changed into a bright red suit and grown a beard. Luckily the hat is gone but I'd prefer he shaved totally. This aside, the song is hauntingly beautiful, his vocals very good and he has a very warm voice. He gets more into performing this time, moves more and isn't in such a control all the time which makes it more honest and touching I think. Redrama thinks he's amazing singer and the song is good, but mixing soul and pop, and this low tempo easily becomes a bit boring, it's not enough. Something more is needed. I agree. Toni is left a bit speechless but he doesn't know if it's good or bad. Great singer, no doubt. But is it enough, as he knows Lauri can give so much more on stage. Aija thinks this has a bit of 1970's Elton John and 2000's Seal. He should still sing more, let it go. The backing singers are awesome! Tomi understands why the other judges are a bit not satisfied but he thinks it was good, he liked. 
Clarissa feat. Josh Standing - Top of the world
They had some problems with singing and general staging in the first performance. Let's see how it has changed now with added backing singers. Clarissa sported pink and black and Josh a hood. The song's still a mess, me thinks and just not strong enough. Toni thinks this is the most Eurovision song in the contest. Sporty, energic and Clarissa did a good job, he can see they have worked a lot but the performance isn't yet good enough even if the song is. Aija agrees with Toni, if they go further, they must still improve their singing. Toni gives credit for their dancing and effort, but it was their best performance yet. Redrama agrees with others in most everything. They should now only concentrate on their vocal training ...
Mikko Pohjola - Sängyn reunalla
This song has changed the most from the demo. Let's see now what the judges think. It starts with black and white footage and Mikko is in black. The color kicks in with the uptempo part of the song. Very simple, touching, sung very well even the falsetto parts. The female singer joins in with a very stylish way. I'm taken, this is great. Elegant, catchy, touching. Huge applaude from the audience. Aija thinks this has a magical atmosphere and it stays all through the song. The new arrangement has really captured her. Toni wonders if he wins how will it work in Finnish but hey, being unfaithful is global, look at France recently :-) Redrama thinks the melody and story both are wonderful and he is one with the song. he likes. Toni has been the one who has been against the song but he is taken by now, he likes. Now this has good changes to go to final already tonight...... :-)
Madcraft - Shining bright
The skaterboys are colorful, kinda adorable and energetic. The song says me nothing unfortunately. Let's see if their fans are voting tonight. At least they got the theater clapping their hands along... But would this work in Eurovision (Anonymous anyone?) Hmmm... Tomi kinda liked this skatepunk and hopes to see them in final and give them the show on stage they dream of. Redrama thinks they really enjoy what they do and it shows. He likes the song when he sees them perform it, otherwise no (a bit like me then). Toni would have a lot to say but prefers not to except he hopes to see them in final. Aija thinks it's catchy, perfect in its genre and the only thing could be they get over charged on stage, beware of that.
Hanna Sky - Hope
Hanna said she was rather shocked when she saw her first performance. Many things have now been changed and hopefully better. And indeed. This is much, much better! She's in blue vintage dress, the songs started with an acrobat on stage and she's got a new look what comes to make up and hair, reminds me a bit of Ivana Spagna really. More relaxed vocals. The acrobat comes back later. Hmm, maybe she's not going home after all tonight? Big applause. Redrama is very pleased with the effort and hard wok she has done, she sings better than the song. Tonight's best performance! Toni hasn't been a fan of this song, especially lyrics but she made it work. She made the song better than it is really. Aija saw joy, feelings, presense on stage. Great singer. Tonight's best performance. Tomi is confused what has happened. He was ready to give her the worst points tonight because she blew him away. Hanna is the best singer here tonight. He's happy.

21.55 While the show in TV goes on news break the backstage UMK+ continues. With some twitter updates and then interview with Jukka Immonen, the man behind Mikko Pohjola's production. Last year he revamped the Belgian entry Love kills. He talks about his work. And why do Swedish Finns always win UMK? He thinks it might be they follow Melodifestivalen and are more interested but why do they succeed so well? Who knows. Let's see if Dennis or Clarissa will win this year..... He thinks its crucial how the song works on stage with its artist, as we have seen tonight. A medicore song can turn into something great, and also the other way round. True words. 
22.07 Time to go on air on TV again. This is exciting tonight.....  Time for the judge points:
Tomi: MAKEA 4, Lauri 7, Clarissa 6, Mikko 8, Madcraft 5 and Hanna 9
Redrama:  MAKEA: 5, Lauri 6, Clarissa 7, Mikko 9, Madcraft 4 and Hanna 10
Toni: MAKEA 4, Lauri 5, Clarissa 6, Mikko 8, Madcraft 7 and Hanna 9
Aija: MAKEA: 7, Lauri 8, Clarissa 6, Mikko 9, Madcraft 5 and Hanna 10 

So the total before televoting is Hanna Sky 38, Mikko Pohjola 34, Lauri Mikkola 26, Clarissa feat Josh 25, Madcraft 21 and MAKEA 20. So, Hanna would sail to the final and MAKEA home. Let's see if the televotes will change this.... Quite surprising evening but all in all I'm quite pleased..... 
Next is Musta Barbaaari on stage.... Black Barbar rapping in Finnish in a key of self irony....being black he can use the nigger word. Among others. Oh well....
22.28 Moment of truth.... the votes are in. Mikko Pohjola is in. MadCraft is in.  Straight to the final goes..... Hanna Sky! Also in are Clarissa and Josh. Lauri is... in. MAKEA out...

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Davide said...

You have a GREAT selection show this year! Congrats from Italy and GO MIKKO! :)


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