Monday, January 13, 2014


Andràs Kállay-Saunders is after a revenge with Running in the Hungarian national selection A Dal. The video has far more serious theme than running for Eurovision victory though: child abuse, based on a true story that makes it even more touching. Last year he was the jury's favourite (and later #1 hit) with My baby but ByeAlex won over the televoters and went to Malmö instead. His first attempt in 2012 with I love you finished in semifinal but later become a #2 hit. Now we will see if he's third time lucky. He's also about to release his debut album Delivery Boy.
András (29) is a son of an Hungarian model and American soul singer. He was born in New York and lived in the States until 2011 when he decided to spend some time in Hungary to stay near his grandmother. While there, he spotted an add for reality talent show Megasztár. The rest is history as they say. He got in and eventually came 4th. Since then he has been scoring hits like Csak Veled (#7), Tonight (#4) and Play my song. He's also featured in Rebstar's All night and collaborated in Love hurts by Gravitonas.

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