Friday, January 10, 2014


Teo (Yuriy Vashcuk) or the Belarusian Pasha Parfany won the national final tonight with Cheesecake. It's actually a little fun song and it'd be shame if they changed it into something worse like they usually do - like last year, when actually Rhythm of love co-written by Teo was the winner, only to later replaced by horrid Solayo. Interestingly Alyona herself was the winner the year before, only that she was left home and runner ups travelled to Baku instead.... And that's not all! He also co-wrote Far away, the first song 3+2 was supposed to bring to Eurovision 2010, before it changed to Butterflies.
Now let's see if Teo and/or Cheesecake gets all the way to Copenhagen. If so, at least they don't have to wonder what to serve the press and everybody in press conferenses and parties: Cheesecake for everyone! I'm in!
He came 3rd in the televote after Max Lorens and Nuteki but the jury awarded him the victory after a tie with Max Lorens both ending 3rd an 1st... Here's the live performance.

TEO – Cheesecake (televote 8 + jury 12) 20
Max Lorens & Didyulya – Now You’re Gone (12+8) 20
Switter Boys feat. Kate&Volga Karol – Vechnaya Lubov (6+7) 13
Janette – You Will Be Here (3+10) 13
Nuteki – Fly Away (10+0) 10

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