Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The rumours of the past few weeks seem to become reality in an interview by Fiorello where Emma Marrone herself seems to confirm her participation for Eurovision song contest 2014 in Copenhagen. So, no need to wait for Sanremo but RAI has opted for an internal choice. And with this brings out the big guns and is really going for it. Beware, Italy in to win! Emma is about to take over the Spanish speaking market along with Marco Mengoni in 2014 and Eurovision is a good starting point.... After all in Italy she's already got it all being the most sold female artist of the 2013, has won Amici and Sanremo... but yet big part of Italian Eurovision fans don't seem happy at all. Should I remind you about Eurovision 1998-2010 when you did not take part? Should I? Be happy you have someone, and not just no one but one of the biggest names in the country right now! And name another country that sends two years in a row its most popular artists at the moment when Marrone follows Mengoni?
The news were first on Eurofestival News. Stay tuned for further developements and the song, that could well be La mia città.  And here at 10'30 the scoop!

UPDATE: La mia città it is!

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