Monday, January 20, 2014


I just have to share this with you. The UMK 2014 cd was out last Friday. Today I thought I would go and buy it after work. Easier said than don!
 First I went to a big department store that usually has a good selection of cds and carries UMK, Eurovision and Melodifestivalen cds generally. Well, the sales person looked like she never heard of Uuden musiikin kilpailu and after searching in the computer came to the conclusion they don't have it. "Yet", she said, so there's hope! But I wanted it now and not next month, so on to the next store...
Ok, next is another store that has the biggest music departments in Helsinki. I look throught the new cds but no UMK 2014 cds in sight so I walk to the counter and ask for it. The teenager sales person looks me like he has no idea what I am talking about and turns to his computer and goes: "Can you spell it for me, letter by letter?" and I am like "WTF?!?". I say it doesn't matter and walk away.... but I'm still under a shock. CAN YOU SPELL IT FOR ME?? And no, he was no foreigner with trouble with the language, he was a Finn. And mind you, I didn't ask only UMK 2014 cd but UMK aka Uuden musiikin kilpailu-cd. I could forgive his confusion if I only asked for UMK.YLE still has a lot to do making UMK a household name!
One more shop to try, a small one that has it online for sure as I have seen it. Still they didn't have it on stock in store. I gave up. No cd. And then they wonder why cds don't sell? It seems the only way to get them these days is to buy online.... cdon here I come!

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