Monday, January 27, 2014


UPDATE 30.1 11.30am: Nearly 500 votes, thank you all! Mikko has taken a clear lead over Softengine and this couple has left the others far behind. Do you agree? If not, change the situation by voting, the last 24h to vote are here!

When writing this a few votes are missing from the 400 votes and Mikko Pohjola has catched up Softengine, who have been ledding the poll for ages. Clarissa and Josh are already far behind and then there's another gap where MadCraft, the early leaders of the poll are with Jasmin Michaela and Hanna Sky. You still have a few days to vote or change your vote on the right hand side of this page ->
This is the situation right now, January 27 at 5.23pm:

Mikko Pohjola   104
Softengine   104
Clarissa ft. Josh    92
MadCraft   75
*Jasmin Michaela   74
Hanna Sky   72
Hukka ja Mama   52
MIAU   47
Lauri Mikkola   46
*MAKEA   34
*Dennis Fagerström   31
*Lili Lambert   26

Use your power and vote and change the situation!

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