Tuesday, January 07, 2014


The first live show of UMK 2014 will take this Saturday in Peacock Theater in Helsinki when MIAU, Dennis Fagerström, Lili Lambert, Hukka ja Mama, Softngine and Jasmin Michaela take the stage and people vote one of them straight to the final, one out and the remaining four continue the battle for the place in the final line up. You can vote already since yesterday as the songs have been presented already and one can listen them online (here for example).... The voting ends Saturday 11.1.2014 at 22.30 local time.
But that's not all! You can also vote online and here's where things get a bit complicated. You can give one vote (0,95 euros) or 5, 10 or even 25. Or if you really want to support your favorite why not give 50 votes at once for the price of 47,50! This option, already used in other formats like Big Brother where it hasn't bothered anyone has caused a little stir among fans and media. Is it so that one with the richest back up group will win because of this? Can you buy the victory, in an out and pround way (instead of doing it hidden and in secret like certain unnamed countries try to do in the Eurovision itself, it seems...)? I feel a bit confused about all this. What do you think? Is it fair?
Meanwhile the situation is wild open about the first finalist and the first eliminated one. MIAU might be on the edge, but then who knows? Will Lili Lambert conquer enough votes to make it to next shows? And will voters adore Hukka and Mama as much as the judges? How about Jasmine and Softengine? And Dennis, the dreamy cottonball? Anything can happen and nothing will surprise me!

PS. Why don't you cast a vote for your favorites in the poll on the right side of this page? You can give one vote to three favorite acts of yours and it costs nothing!

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