Friday, January 17, 2014


Two years ago Mad Show Boys participated in the Latvian national selection with Music thief that combined catchy song and some crazy humour bringing on  stage Marilyn Manson, Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Beatles and even Lordi and I'm not going to even count the references in the song lyrics and the arrangement. There's a thin line of being funny or ridiculous but I liked it and thought it was besides catchy also rather brilliant. They had stolen with grace. They came third.
Now they are back with I need a soul-twin that has the same recipe: very catchy and lyrics filled with references to famous couples in the history, faitytales, TV, show biz.... You name it! And one again it's one of the best songs in offering in Dziesma 2014 among all those plastic EDM's written Eurovision in mind. Or what do you think? Listen all songs here.

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