Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The biography in Luca Barbarossa's official website writes that in 1988 he participated in the Eurovision song contest in Dublin with Ti scrivo, that was actually Vivo, a song released too early for the contest. Because of that he was disqualified two months after Eurovision with a letter.  
Now, that Ti scrivo wasn't a new song is no secret or news but that he has been disqualified is. Have anyone of you heard of this before? Vivo was originally the B-side of his Sanremo single L'Amore rubato.
To discover this bit in his biography is Federico Stufi of OGAE Italy. The other Eurovision experts in Italy seem equally uninformed of this fact (if it is a fact, of course!). Emanuele Lombardini of EurofestivalNews says he has been trying to interview Barbarossa for months but the man has always refused with "I have no time". Let's wait for further developments and clarification....
Italy came 12th in Eurovision 1988 with 52 points. Btw, is this also the only Eurovision entry with a fade ending?!

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