Friday, January 10, 2014


Mikko Pohjola has released today the video for his UMK 2014 entry Sängyn laidalla, that has slowly become one of this blogger's UMK favorites this year. I liked the minimalist demo but the new arrangement is awesome, too. But he's not alone today what comes to releasing videos as also Hukka ja Mama released their Selja video. That song is great, too, but I have doubts how that'd work internationally?! Already before Madcraft has released Shining bright and Softengine Something better. Softengine also signed today a multi-album recording deal with Sony Music, congrats!
Update: Hukka ja Mama has been signed to Fried Music! Congrats!
So far 4/12. I'll update when new ones are released, stay tuned!

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