Saturday, January 25, 2014


The air has really changed in Italy. Not only is the media picking up big time that Emma is representing them in Eurovision 2014 and today the official news were given in the RAI2's TV-News Tg2 confirming also La mia cittá as the entry. The news report was headlined "Emma wants to win in Europe" and started with Emma singing Gigliola Cinquetti's winning song Non ho l'età 50 years ago in Copenhagen and she continued: "I'm very happy that I have been chosen internally by RAI without passing Sanremo as it usually has been. It gives me more strenght and I hope to represent my country Italy the best possible way!" The the reporter and Emma tell her musical story in short biography since she was nine years old and perfromed in public for the first time. Here (in Italian of course).
This blogger would like to publicly thank RAI's Head of delegation Nicola Caligiore and his team for a great step by step work done in Eurovision and Italy the past four years. Are you ready to win?

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