Monday, January 13, 2014


The allocation draw will take place next Monday, January 20, 2014 in Copenhagen City Hall. Some countries have asked for special treatment and therefor Italy will vote in the first semifinal, Germany in the second. Sweden will be in the first semifinal while Norway and Israel in the second. As usual the rest of the countries will be divided in pots and they will first be sorted out in the first or the second semifinal, then in the first or the second half of the show - this of course also for Sweden and Norway. Slovenia, in case they will participate, will be in the pot one.
This year again the producers of the show will decide the actual running order based on the first/second half draw of each semifinal, and the final.

Here are the pots:
POT 1: Albania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Switzerland, (Slovenia)
POT 2: Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania
POT 3: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine
POT 4: Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands
POT 5: Austria, Hungary, Poland,  San Marino
POT 6: Malta, Moldova, Portugal, Romania

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