Thursday, January 16, 2014


Or rather, her manager Brando, who's been releasing all sort of one liners in Twitter, in Danish mostly, the past few weeks. Or what do you think of "Hej til alle" and "Her kommer vi" that would translate to "Hi to everyone" and "Here we come". Meanwhile RAI hasn't confirmed nor informed in any way if Sanremo will serve once again in the selection process for the Eurovision like the past three years. Emma Marrone was already asked to do the honors in 2012 but Nina Zilli went to Baku instead as she turned down the offer claiming she wanted to concentrate on domestic market. Now, after Marco Mengoni's success it seems she may have had a change of heart and got her wondering Why not? Late last year she confirmed she's aiming for the international market in 2014. Anyways, if Emma follows Mengoni's footsteps the other Italian artists would have two good example of very big names doing it, and it would totally turn the tables. Italy's 2015 entrant could be someone really big...  Just like Mengoni Emma has a huge fan base that is very active in social medias. And she's the most sold female artist in Italy in 2013. She has 2,3 million followers in Facebook. In many ways she's be all and more RAI could ask for if they want to make Eurovision better known and more popular in Italy....
But who is Emma Marrone? She was born in Florence and will turn 30 in the end of May. She grew up in Lecce, in the very south of Italy but lives in Frascati, near Rome now.  Even if music was her passion - her father also played guitar n various bands - after school she worked as a sales assistant for three years. In 2003 she took part in Popstars and won. That lead to being in various bands (Lucky Star, Mjur, Anonimo Soul) and releasing with them also single Stile, and songs like Gioia e odio.
All changed in 2009 when she took part in hugely popular reality talent show Amici that she won. Since then she has sold 10 times platinum with her 3 albums and one EP, all hitting #1 except debut album that stopped at #2. She's also got four #1 singles (Calore, Arriverà, Non è l'inferno, Cercavo amore) and additional two top-5 singles Sarò libera and Amami. She has won Venice Music Awards, Wind Music Awards four times, TRL Awards. 
In Sanremo 2011 she came second with Modà and Arriverà, and won the contest the year after with Non è l'inferno. Her latest single is L'amore non mi basta but the new song and rumoured possible Eurovision entry is La mia città. Let's see how this story ends....

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