Monday, January 20, 2014


So, here it is - the allocation draw. Italy had apparently asked earlier that they would be able to broadcast and vote in the first semifinal but that was no longer. The reason for the request was The Voice but its date has been moved to Wednesday instead of orriginally planned Thursday. Only Germany had then requested to vote and braodcast the second semifina.
That means also there's no help for San Marino that was drawn into the first semifinal and it's second half. It would have been interesting see how they'd vote for a Sammarinese entry. But the news from Italy tell that for the first time RAI will broadcast both semifinals! Mamma mia!
Finland was drawn to the second semifinal and its second half, theorically very good. Only that the countries that tend to vote for us are all in the first semifinal; Sweden, Iceland, Estonia... Oh well, we will see! Sweden was allocated already beforehand to the first semifinal and Norway to the second to secure the fans enough tickets for their neighbouring country's contest, and also Israel had requested the second semifinal for local memorial day....

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