Thursday, January 30, 2014


The last three Finnish Eurovision singers have all been of the Swedish speaking minority; Paradise Oskar or Axel Ehnström, Pernilla Karlsson and Krista Siegfrids. They all gathered together for the first time to remember their experiences and give some advice for the future UMK 2014 winner in Svenska YLE's De Eurovisa. In the end they also had to do a funny quizz about questions of themselves in Eurovision, of course! And Eurovision songs, if you want to see Krista go crazy for Fångad av en stormvind, Satellite, Euphoria, the last minutes.... And what's her response to Ein bisschen Frieden? Check it out!
The Eurovisa panel has judged the Eurovision songs the past few years but they made a special and judged UMK 2014 songs instead with producer and song writer Patric Sarin focusing on hit potential, singer and Euroviisut veteran Susan Sonntag focusing on the artist's vocal capacities and song, and Eurovision specialist David Lindström focusing on the chances in Eurovision. And the result is:

Softengine  26
Mikko Pohjola  25
Hukka ja Mama  24
Hanna Sky  23
Clarissa feat. Josh  23
Madcraft  21
Lauri Mikkola  20

You can watch the programme here (in Swedish of course). If not for anything else it has cool medleys of practically all the Finnish entries over the years, most of them from the national final footage. And what has the Swedish speaking 3some have been up to? Or rather the other two, we all know what Krista has been doing for a year now: Ding dong! Anyways, she's also writing and recording her second album and will be the guest star in UMK 2014 final with her Ding Dong Girls performing two songs and even more of More is more! Bigger! Too much is never enough! You have been warned....
Axel has been writing a lot of new songs. Pernilla is pretty much done with music, for now. She says she never wanted to be an artist really, the UMK just happaned and then the Eurovision and she just wasn't ready for it, or a musical career.
What do they remember, or would tell to their grand kids one day about their Eurovision experience? Axel says it depends how old the grandkids are, apparently he has something X-rated to tell (Wasn't there a romance in the air with some other singer?!) but he says he will never forget the moments before going on stage with all the other artists and their teams backstage, all in full panic and he started playing with his acoustic guitar the songs by other artists. Blue from UK were nearly sh**ing their pants apparently... And all he wanted to do was have some fun and relax.... The others didn't think so, it seems... Poor guy! Pernilla first of all ended up in Azerbaijan, after only visiting exotic places like Stockholm and Copenhagen. She remembers most a visit to Azeri TV's morning show that was... well, not so organized. They also had the latest equipment there but didn't know how to use them so it was like back to the 1970's. There was also a live orchestra that played everything, even the jingles. And while she was performing her song with her cellist they also joined in freestyle..... Krista? She says she's got so much to tell that if she starts to tell all to her grandchildren they won't even listen to her and go for "Shut up, granny!" option! She advices the new winner to have fun and enjoy it, do your own thing without thinking too much about the others, go and do promotion abroad if possible. It's hard work but it will pay off in the end! Pernilla also tells to enjoy the ride and if the winner is a female, bring her own make up and hair artists! Axel's advice is: Listen to all advice but do not act on them!

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