Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Switzerland is staging its final this Saturday and we have six finalists chosen late last year with three different selection processes by three different broadcasters. The final comes from the Arena of Kreuzlingen, and there will be 50-50 televote-jury vote.

3ForAll - Together forever
The song is kinda nice accordeon driven happy little song taking a lot of ideas from the Balkans, I'm not just sure if the performers are right for it? I would have put one single performer and turned up the beat. Then - it could be a winner.

Christian Tschanz - Au paradis
Lovely voice, beautiful French ballad. Maybe not instant enough for Eurovision but a classy one. Old fashioned but in a good way. 

Natasha & Stéphanie - Une terre sans vous
Another French ballad. But this one sounds a bit tired and uninspired. The girls sing nicely but this makes me only think of the contents of my fridge and other things. Concentration gone in like 30 seconds which is not a good sign.... And the new version still sounds like a demo.

Nino Colonna - La luce del cuore
Middle of the road pop-rock. Only in Italian that makes it a bit more interesting. If sung in English I might have switched to the next one in less than a minute. Shame because I'd like to like this one....

Sebalter - Hunter of stars
The most instant and annoyingly catchy this one. Everybody whistle now! Here he tells how the song was born and a bit of the video. If he and his band get it right on stage this could and should be the winner, and might do well in Copenhagen as well. The song itself has a story, too:
Sebalter, or Sebastiano Paú-Lessi (28) is a lawyer with a passion for music. This song was born in Kansas City in pullman during his coast to coast trip. He had to run to the toilets to record the whistling part into his cellphone. He has also studied in Cairo and lived in Netherlands. He's prepairing his debut album.

Yasmina Hunzinger - I still believe
She offers as a big ballad with lovely country flavored guitars and vocals, LeAnn Rimes anyone? The live performance will be crucial, me thinks. If she realy delivers she could blow the competition away and end up packing her bags for Copenhagen.....

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