Friday, January 03, 2014


Lithuania joined Eurovision 20 years ago and this year they are having some rather grand and long running selection. Two heats have kicked out some of the singers already (among them Eurovision veteran Sasha Song against all odds). The artists haven't performed their eventual entries yet but Eurovision classics. In the next two shows further two singers will leave the race. After that, January 18, it's time for real entries (two per each artist) and once again one will leave the show. This goes on until we have only four singers with 8 songs left, when they drop one of the songs. In the grand final we will then have four singers and four songs.... on February 15, 2014. Complicated? Maybe more so on paper than in real life... Generally well working idea to make them sing Eurovision songs as these people can sing (unlike the Azeri horror we have been following the past a couple of years...) and most versions are pretty good. 
Vaidas Baumila impressed many international viewers not only with his interpretation of Marco Mengoni's L'Essenziale, but also with his six pack (pictured)

Aiste Pilvelyte (televote 3rd, jury 5th) 3rd
Alexandra ( 8th + 7th) 9th
Vaidas Baumila ( 4th + 1st) 2nd
Julija Jegorova ( 7th + 4th) 6th
Vilija Mataciunaite ( 1st + 2nd) 1st
Jurijus Veklenko (9th + 2nd) 7th
Justinas Lapatinskas (5th + 5th) 5th
Sasha Song (6th + 7th) 8th
Juozas Butnorius (10th + 9th)10th
VIG Roses (2nd+9th) 4th

Pop Ladies (5th+4th) 6th
Monika Linkyte (8th + 1st) 3rd
Soliaris (6th+7th) 8th
Neringa Siaudikyte (10th +8th) 9th
Ieva Zasimauskaite (4th + 4th) 4th
Martynas Kavaliuskas (3rd + 2nd) 2nd
Ginte Siciunaute (7th + 3rd) 7th
Tadas Vilcinskas (9th + 10th) 10th
Mia (1st + 4th) 1st
Kristina Radziukynaute (2nd + 9th) 5th

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