Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Next on stage Poland.. He has five musicians on stage with him; piano, cello and three violins, but the main focus stays on Michal all through the performance. The title of his entry is dislayed in the backdrop, please note the American English color instead of proper colour. He was wearing a silver jacket, that may or may not be his outfit for the night. Nails painted black top the look. Apparently some vocal and timing issues, as well as pushing the piano around the stage so this isn't ready yet. One would have expected a bit more colorful staging for this title but no. 
In the Meet & Greet Michal isn't quite sure how his rehearsal went! He seems to be a bit ill, too, with throat ache. He's stage outfit hasn't yet arrived! Problem! He will be wearing the red coat again. He hopes to bring charisma, emotion and love for the audience on stage. His sister is an opera singer working in Italy. Just a random fact. Check out the rest in the video at the bottom of this post. 
Before rehearsal he said he trains a lot as he wants to be in top form vocally and physically for this Eurovision

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