Friday, May 27, 2016


We all knew Bosnia-Herzegovina was in Stockholm on borrowed time when private sponsors and the artists themselves paid all the costs, and now BHRT has gotten an ultimatum from EBU for the unpaid debt of 16 million Swiss francs. The deadline is the end of May and they must pay part of it and come up with a valid plan for the further payments or EBU will withdraw their member services. That means Bosnians will have the same faith as Romanians and will not see Euro 2016 this summer, all the other news and sports events and eventually not be able to participate nor watch Eurovision song contest 2017. 
There seems to be no solution coming up and time is running out, so it looks very likely BHRT will follow TVR and be banned from any EBU's services. TVR's deadline was extended several times by EBU until April 21, 2016 to secure their participation in the Eurovision song contest 2016 among other things. No payment was done, nor any plan given so they were withdrawn any EBU services and all of sudden we had only 42 countries in Stockholm. 

This blogger wonders if there are other countries in the same situation we are not aware yet?

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