Sunday, May 15, 2016


Russians are now pointing fingers at the professional juries. A total of 21 juries out of 41 left Russia with null points. Politics!? Russian media is spreading the list of countries that includes also Finland, accusing them in a hard way. These countries are Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Norway, Georgia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Israel, Macedonia, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands. 
Only Azerbaijan, Belarus, Greece and Cyprus gave Russia 12 jury votes. 
Out of these null pointer countries most went for Ukraine instead: they got 12 jury votes from Poland, Georgia, Israel, Slovenia, Macedonia and Denmark, 10 from Italy and United Kingdom, 8 from Lithuania, 7 from Estonia, 6 from Switzerland, 4 from Norway, 3 from the Netherlands and Belgium and 2 from Australia. On the other hand Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ireland gave null points to Ukraine, too. As did Russia. 
The Russian delegation is also complaining they were treated a bit different than the others in Stockholm, but the fact they weren't booed on stage - like the past two years - is already a little victory, as is winnng the televote. Infact if you ask them, they won it all. 

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