Tuesday, May 10, 2016


First reaction: WTF? Didn't they find anyone from Sweden or even Europe for the job? Anything for the ratings, isn't it? This blogger wasn't even very happy for the Cirque de Soleil in Moscow 2009 and thought it was just a Russian thing to do: Money can buy. I have always wanted the Eurovision shows to be a mirror of the hosting country, but it seems the tiny bit of nationality showing is hidden away in the semifinals already for years, so......
Well, there is a Swedish connection: his song he's world premiering has Swedish songwriters. Adele for example is European and not needing Swedish songriters, does she? I can't stop the feeling the Swedish selfpomotion for their music is getting a bit too loud for my liking. We all knwo it, there's no need to slap that in our faces all the time. Music goes in periods. There was Motown, there was PWL, now it's been awhile the Swepop. Something else will come around and dominate the charts sometime soon so enjoy the moment.
But in the end, with the USA and China broadcasting live, with the extra attraction thanks to Justin's performance it's all for the better viewing figures all around the globe. That's all that matters in the end I suppose. To EBU and SVT.
Now that the USA  are broadcasting, Justin performing....wanna see that in in 2017 they are participating and then launch Amervision song contest the way Australia is doing now?

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