Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Here we go. Time has come. Once again after waiting for so long, all those long months of preselections and then the very hectic week in Stockholm it's here. All of sudden. I'm not ready. Haven't even done my prediction yet! But here goes: I think the ten qualifiers are, in no particular order: Russia, Armenia, Malta, Czech Republic, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Croatia, Austria, Greece and Hungary. But then again this is such a great year that I think also Iceland, Estonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina are all possible, as is Finland. I wouldn't even be surprised San Marino being a shocker qualifier. Or Montenegro. That leaves us Moldova and Azerbaijan and I have nominated everyone. And Azerbaijan makes it anyways, kicking out some more worthy, like Austria? The Netherlands?
On the other hand the ones I want to qualify are, again in no particular order, Russia, Armenia, Estonia, Czech republic, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia/San Marino, Austria and Finland, of course. e will see. This is going to be an exciting night and maybe with some major surprises.....
I will enjoy the show from the sofa but will be blogging right after so please do join me then for news and comments. Have fun! Nu gör vi....
Finland: Sing It Away sung by Sandhja
Greece: Utopian Land sung by Argo
Moldova: Falling Stars sung by Lidia Isac
Hungary: Pioneer sung by Freddie
Croatia: Lighthouse sung by Nina Kraljić
Netherlands: Slow Down sung by Douwe Bob
Armenia: LoveWave sung by Iveta Mukuchyan
San Marino: I Didn't Know sung by Serhat
Russia: You Are The Only One sung by Sergey Lazarev
Czech Republic: I Stand sung by Gabriela Gunčíková
Cyprus: Alter Ego sung by Minus One
Austria: Loin d'ici sung by ZOË
Estonia: Play sung by Jüri Pootsmann
Azerbaijan: Miracle sung by Samra
Montenegro: The Real Thing sung by Highway
Iceland: Hear Them Calling sung by Greta Salóme
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Ljubav Je sung by Dalal, Deen, Ana & Jala
Malta: Walk on Water sung by Ira Losco

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