Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Hungarian Freddie was very thrilled and happy, "we gave it all" and he just wanted to make his country proud. 
Nina Kraljic from Croatis is still in shock. She says some people back at home wanted her to fail and now she made it to the finals for the first time in seven years.
Douwe Bob from the Netherlands said he got what he wanted from those 10 seconds. And he, like everyone else on that table, is aiming to bring home the trophy. He believes he has a strong song and that less is more.
Iveta Mukuchyan from Armenia thanks the production and how it was so nervous to wait for the name even if everyone was saying she will slay in the semifinal. She takes nothing for granted, and feels so priviliged to be right here and now. She wants to enjoy every second. And then she's asked about the flag....

Sergey Lazarev of Russia admits he was feeling nervous and has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Then he invites everyone to Russia to see they are not horrible but warm people. Then he asked about LGBT rights...  It's all talk and rumour. Gaylife exists in modern Russia. Sure. Everyone is welcome and when Russians organize something they make everybody feel welcome and safe.
Czech Republic's Gabriela Guncikova is living a historic moment right now bringing her country to the final for the very first time and she's so happy. She's asked if this will change people's attitude to the contest in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Their goal was just to make it better known in her country, show what amazing gathering of music and art it is. To make her people understand what a gret opportunity it is.
Minus One from Cyprus are happy and were losing their nerves as they were called out among the last ones. If they win it's huge, Cyprus has never won and if they do they propably name the airport after them .-) They are doing their most for that. They are also sad for new friends who didn't make, it but surely everyone has gotten already so much out of this.
Very emotional Zoe from Austria confessed she was crying in the make up before her performance but on stage the energy was good. And now it's all so big and surreal. But she's so happy her adventure and time with these lovely people continues still.... And now she knows why and how Eurovision is so addiciting.
Samra from Azerbaijan hasn't really understood yet she's in final, maybe tomorrow. And then we are into politics again with a guy asking a question but starting to preach about Armenia and Iveta's actions tonight and all that... No question. And booing. She answers Eurovision is a song contest and it's all about music. She feels no pressure but only support from her country.
Last but not least Ira Losco from Malta. She says her heart goes out to those who didn't make it as they have become friends. She said it was nervous to be called out last, as this was also her first semifinal. And theh she's asked about LGBT rights as well but things are better in Malta of course.

In overall the press conference was rather negative experience, with too many questions about politics and LGBT issues, and the atmosphere was a far cry fromthe usual joy there is for some reason. The artists weren't even looking partically overjoyed when they marched in as in the previous years. Why? They were happier in the backstage after their performances really.... What happened in between?

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