Saturday, May 14, 2016


The show is set to start at 21 sharp with the parade of the finalists, but with a twist. Belgium takes the stage at 21.11 and we go all the way to Poland, before Måns checks on The Party at Tele2 arena next door at 21.59. 
We go on with Australia at 22.01 and after Spain at 22.28 Petra visits the Green room. 22.30 Latvia continues until the last song from Armenia. At 22.57 we get Vicious, before måns and Petra on stage tells about the voting and the first recap goes on air. 
23.06 Måns is in the Green room and announces Justin Timberlake next performing Rock your body and Can't stop this feeling. After that, 23.14 Petra has joined Måns in the Green room. Then we are followed with Jonas Åkerlund's short film Best of Sweden celebrating the Swedish music industry, what else?
23.19 Petra and Måns are back on stage and the scoreboard will appear before another recap. Then they have a little chat with Junior Eurovision song contest winner Destiny from Malta. 
23.28 Another little interval act Love love peace peace.
After that the moment everyone has been waiting for: Lynda Woodruff! (But hold your horses, should the show be late at this point she's the one tht will be cut out....)
Followed by the last episode of Nerd nation.
23.40 voting will be closed by Petra. Måns will come and perform Fire in the rain (oh, he got it after all, cool) and of course Heroes. Then it's back to Petra and Jon Ola Sand.
23.47 The spokepersons start delivering their votes.Top-3 will be shown at some point and Måns will be in the Green room. 00.23 this part should be over. So 36 minutes for this with 42 countries. Hmmm.....
00.24 it's time for the televoting results, going from place 26th to 11th fairly quicckly and the top-10 slower. 00.31 it's done. Seven minutes? We will see... (My prediction is here, btw)
00.32 the winner walks on stage and is awarded and reperforms the winning song. With confetti. It was forbidden as a prop from anyone else .-)
00.30 Goodnight and see you next year. Somewhere...

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