Monday, May 30, 2016


Finally! Chisu joins the cast for the fifth season of Vain elämää and at this point it seems it's going to be a Chisu show, but then you never know. The other names are Hector, rapper Mikael Gabriel, Suvi Teräsniska, Lauri Tähkä, Anna Puu and Mikko Kuustonen. This is the first season we don't have any Eurovision or national selection veterans taking part but the names are big and current with those two older gentlemen with decades of career behind them. The most critizised name is Mikael Gabriel that most seem to be going with "Who?!" - just like Sanni last year and look what happened......
If you forgot how the show works here's a short sum up: The artists get together in a villa for a week. Each day is dedicated to one of them and the other artists cover his/her songs in their own way. In the end there's a final episode with duets. After the show the compilation albums will be released and they will sell multiple platinum and the show will take over iTunes and deliver a few number ones, and the artists careers get a mega boost. And most likely around Christmas they will give a cople of sold out arena gigs.... :-)
This blogger will be following the show right here once it is aired in September. Really looking forward for Chisu's covers, and also Suvi and Lauri!
Check out their videos after the jump...... And the list of the previous participants.

Vain elämää - season 1: Jari Sillanpää, Erin (Nylon Beat), Neumann (Dingo), Cheek, Kaija Koo, Jonne Aaron (Negative), Katri Helena
Vain elämää - season 2: Ilkka Alanko, Laura Närhi, Jukka Poika, Anna Abreu, Juha Tapio, Maarit, Pauli Hanhiniemi
Vain elämää - season 3: Vesa-Matti Loiri, Paula Vesala (PMMP), Toni Wirtanen, Jenni Vartiainen, Elastinen, Samuli Edelmann, Paula Koivuniemi
Vain elämää  - season 4: Vicky Rosti, VilleGalle (JVG), Maija Vilkkumaa, Antti Tuisku, Anssi Kela, Sanni, Pave Maijanen

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