Friday, May 27, 2016


In a recent poll majority of Ukrainians want to have the Eurovision song contest 2017 in the culutral capital of Ukraine, Lviv instead of Kiev to showcase other part of the country. And this blogger understands that well as Lviv looks lovely!
The major hickup is the proposed venue, Arena Lviv lacks a roof. Constructed between 2008 and 2011 it can have up to 34.915 seats, and houses also VIP clubs and restaurants, media center and other halls that would surely turn out to be useful for Eurovision purposes. It hosted some UEFA Euro 2012 games; Denmark, Germany and Poland. Besides the lacking roof the local trasnport, mainly trams, and arena's location somewhere outskirts next to a ring road may play against it and that's a shame as Lviv seems to be a very interesting and beautiful city. I would be thrilled to go there next May!
They also bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics but withdraw their bid in June 2014, for reasons we all know. They plan to bid again for the 2026. 

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