Sunday, May 15, 2016


Remember last night when Måns was in the neighbouring Tele2 Arena visiting The Party? And how he took away the microphone when she started singing her all time favorite Eurovision song Hallelujah? I thought it was by purpose and found it hilarious. Carola didn't. Actually she was very pissed. Måns told later he was forced to do so as the second were running in his ear as they were on a ads break in many countries and the director told him to do so that Loreen would have her few seconds in the glory, too. All is now forgiven and good. It wasn't Måns fault.
Carola however complains why SVT didn't want to celebrate the previous winners more. In Malmö 2013 she got those unforgettable 10 seconds, now even less..... Aren't those moments precious?

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