Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The Russian song "You Are The Only One" gathered a narrow majority of votes. Since the European gay television broadcaster OUTtv started the poll in 2010 it's the first time that its gay viewers all over Europe have voted for Russia to win the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, a record of more than 3500 gay men have voted. Especially France, the Netherlands and Russia are the big favorites among the voters.  The outcome is remarkable, because OUTtv viewers appear to be well predictors of the winner of the contest.  
It is the seventh time in a row that OUTtv organizes the poll. As usual, the winner receives the OUTMusic Award before the Song Contest officially starts. Since the introduction of this award in 2010, the winner has already been predicted mostly well by the gay community (in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015). "We can say that the gay community is quite good in predicting the winner when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest," says Marc Putman, CEO OUTtv Europe. For the first time Sweden is not in the top three. Sweden won the award four times already.
"It is no secret that the Eurovision Song Contest can count on a lot of gay votes every year," says Putman, "Also the organization knows that the gay community has an important part in the success of the festival. It is the first time that we hand out the OUTMusic Award to Russia and that's quite remarkable. Since the anti-gay laws in the country, the LGBT community and Russia are not really an ideal combination. But our voters have decided and we respect that."
Singer Sergey Lazarev, who represents Russia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, was surprised with the award as well. He responds: 

"I know I have a lot of gay fans and I would like to thank everyone who has voted for me. 
Last year Russia has got booed off stage after finishing second in the competition. 
I am prepared for that as well, but of course I hope that people will just enjoy my performance. The gay scene in Russia exist and I can tell you that OUTtv and everyone else will be more than welcome to visit."

Changing of guard in Russia?
Now that's a bit conflicting, as it seems majority of gay people don't want Russia to win, or rather host the contest when they win, but yet they vote Russia as the winner. I'm a bit confused here.....

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