Saturday, May 14, 2016


This has been a sad Eurovision weeks for Finland. Riki Sorsa (ESC 1981) passed away just before the first semifinal, and now we are reached with news that Lasse Mårtenson (ESC 1964) has left us, too. Besides his own song he was very much involved in the Finnish Eurovision history as composer.  He wrote a total of 14 Euroviisut entries, winning twice: Marraskuu (1963), Laiskotellen (1964), Iltaisin (1965), Ge mig en grabb (1965), Pieni sana (1966), Ken hän on? (1966), Revontuli (1967), Sua kutsun, Maarit (1967), Varjoon - suojaan (1967), Pilvilaulu (1971), Hän on mennyt vuorten taa (1973), Laulun kuulen (1974), Fasten seatbelts (1975), Kuusitoista hyvää vuotta (1977)
He was 81. 
Rest in peace. 

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