Saturday, May 14, 2016


Is semifinals were hard to predict - and I did 9/10 in both with a bit of luck, I admit - the final is a bit of a nightmare. I have said it before and I repeat: this is an amazing year! I just did my personal ranking and nine songs get a full five stars, seven get four, six get three and only two each get only 1-2 stars. Usually it's quite different looking ranking..... And that doesn't even include the songs that dropped out in the semis, a lot of 3-4 star stuf there, too.
But back to prediction. Another factor making it difficult is the new way of giving out the points.  It's always hard to separate what you want and what you think will really happen. How much are you coming together personally with the wide European taste. Always tricky.... But... here goes, my own usual spot the slot system (in no particular order) with a couple of very risky wistful thinking slots, too:

1st-5th  - Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Armenia
6th-10th - Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, France, Latvia
11th-15th - Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, United Kingdom, Serbia
16th-20th - Belgium, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, Czech Republic
21st-26th - Azerbaijan, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Cyprus, Croatia 

Who would I really like to see win and host it next year? 
Italy, France, Netherlands, Israel, Hungary or why not Spain.

UPDATE: How did I do?
Not so well, lol. In the Top5 I got 3/5, but if we extend it to Top-10 it's 6/10. In the Bottom-6 I got 4/6. In the middle 11-20 only 3/10 so that was all messed up, country's did better than I expected in there, and worse in the 6-10 slot I had.... Oh well... The new voting was tricky but fantastic. Loved it. 

That personal ranking of mine? Here comes:

*****Italy, Israel, France, Serbia, Ukraine, Austria, Cyprus, Latvia, Spain
****Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Georgia, Russia, Armenia
***Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Australia, Lithuania, Malta, United Kingdom
**Belgium, Germany
*Poland, Azerbaijan

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