Friday, May 13, 2016


Ok, after last night's nightmare conditions here is what I thought. Great show, to start with. Petra and Måns were really kicking ass I think. The audience was wild, at least so it seemed on my cellphone screen. A very entertaining opening number. A few good lines like
You can't vote for your own country. believe me I tried (Måns)
Well, I voted for Italy. Sorry. (Petra)
And that thing about the orchestras in the numbers clip. 
"They always played great... and then there was that time in Rome!"
Also Petra Mede's naughty shot on Man Vs. Machine got media/social media wild in Finland.
Or something similar. In the end I predicted 9/10. If I did my prediction after the performnces it would have been 10/10 as Kaliopi didn't quite nail it, did she? I would have dropped her then and replace by Poland, that was my reserve anyways. Shouldn have known better. No matter how little I like it personally. Most countries performed well. Poland missed the last note (again), Switzerland was just annoying - and the Finnish press and social medias made fun of her afterwords, was she doing leg exercise? - and I was wondering why Sanja let her hair down? Slovenia also caught Finnish media/social media attention. or rather her boobs did. Agnete did a good job. Who's now telling her she's not going to win Eurovision after all?  Belgium did what San Marino should have done as well staging wise. How hard can it be? Ireland suffered from the less is more syndrome Finland did, both are out. Georgia used some similar camera tricks Finland used in #UMK2016 and qualified. Why didn't YLE use some of them here, too, just to make something? Anything?
So, in the end Latvia, Poland, Israel, Serbia, Lithuania, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Belgium qualified. Most of them well deservedly so.

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