Sunday, May 15, 2016


Jamala is now at the winner's press conference.

She starts telling she feels amazing and have no other words in English to describe it. Then she thanks the organizers and everybody for those three minutes. And everyone who voted for her. Everybody in her team who created the staging magic.
The most important thing is to believe in yourself and what you are doing. If you talk or sing about truth, it will touch people. She hopes 1944 will have the same kind of power than Schiendler's list (soundtrack)
Then she is declared the new queen of Crimean tatars by someone in the audience.
Jamala hopes the next Eurovision will take place in Ukraine, not sure where but in Ukraine.
She will be working on her new album soon. She has written a new song even today. It will be her 5th and they hope to have an interantional release for it.
And then she's asked about LGBT rights and if they will be safe in Ukraine next year, sigh. Obviously, is the answer.
Enter Jon Ola Sand. He thanks Jamala and the great job done. Then it's turn to talk to the Head of delegation and hopes they can help NTU to make another great contest, and most of all safe and secure contest in Kiev sometime in May 2017. This point people in the audience start chanting Yalta, in Crimea..... 

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