Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The finalists are: Azerbaijan, Russia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta.

So, Greece and Bosnis & Herzegovina miss the final for the very first time. Sad for Argo, all the sh*t they got beforehand and now this. But tbh it wasn't coming across good on television. And both of them out is ultimate prove Eurovision and rap don't go together. And Czech Republic finally made it!

Ok, it was a good show. Petra and Måns are good together. So "Grab your towels, it's time to #cometogether!" Postcards were pretty and nice, no fuss. Good ones. I like the title graphics, too. The stage not so much really. Did you know the pyros and the LEDs are once again operated by Finns, Teppo Hakkarainen and Mikki Kunttu? Now you know.
The Europe and Final countdown joke was great! LOL. Måns opening number was ok, but having seen it already in Melodifestivalen it didn't really have the saem wow factor anymore.
Wiwiblogg guys and Verka Serduchka in the interval taxi thing was a WTF? Moment. Good to see also some other familiar faces among the crowd (Hello Rene!)
Sergey Lazarev seemed somewhat nervous but that gave him humanity and realness and it was only to gain. Armenian holograms worked fine, Cypriot negative images and the wolves a bit less. Awful lot random sweaty close ups too in Cyprus. Douwe beates Juri 100-0 in the winks department. Greek guys could have done with some smiles, too. Sergey got Bilan hairdo. Zoe's reaction once the song was over was priceless and she oozed positivity after the rather aggressive and somewhat negative Cyprus. Montenegro was rather hysterical. Iceland too busy for my liking. Bosnia a bit messy after all. Ira seemed a bit nervous too, and lacking connection with the camera me thinks. Sandhja did a good job. And San Marino team still hasn't ironed those flags! tsk tsk!
After the performances I would have predicted in final Finland, Croatia, Russia, Austria, Azerbaijan (even if her backing singers did the job), Hungary, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland and Malta in "Maybe" category and the rest are no: Greece, Moldova, San Marino, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

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