Sunday, May 15, 2016


Ukraine has won the 61st Eurovision song contest tonight in Globen arena, Stockholm. A total of 42 countries participated this year and 26 made the final. This was the most spectacular show we have seen so far with a lot of new technology from holograms to 3D effects besides the usual show tricks with pyros and smoke and lighting. 
For the first time the new voting system was used separating the jury votes and the televotes giving two scores for each country.
The show was very well put togerher, must say that SVT knows what they are doing. Petra and Måns were wonderful and judging the audience (also in semifinals) Petra has made it to the hearts of all Eurovision fans by now.
The opening with the paper fashion was kinda fun. Looked good in some weird way. Did you know some of the dresses weight up to 40 kgs?
And if "Crazy is the new black" apparently Barei and Sandhja hit it off and are planning collaboration in the future. Can't wait!
Ira Losco's pregnancy was very visible all of sudden and if anyone had any doubts, her touching lovingly her belly after the song with smile on her face made it obvious to everyone. Maybe the baby - it's a boy btw - wanted to join the party and was dancing to the beat?
Georgia sounded or rather ooked very much like Madonna's Ray of light. Sort of.
The best part of Justin Timberlake's performance didn't happen on the stage but in Green room with all the artists dancing to the music, together. (Thanks Eddy Anselmi for the live!). Absolutely fantastic! #Cometogether indeed! 
The Love love peace peace was hilarious and it was great to see Lordi on stage again, along with Alexander Rybak (wasn't he done with Eurovision?), some (fake?) Buranovskyie Babooshki. And Måns and Petra did a very nice Dima Bilan and Charlotte Nilsson.
And then there was Lynda Woodruff... :-)

Stay tuned for the full results coming up

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