Saturday, May 21, 2016


In another interview Mr Lordi or Tomi Putaansuu recalls he's used to expect all sort of Eurovision related interviews and requests every spring. True to his word also in this spring he has been commenting on Sandhja's performance and results - he liked her and thinks she did a good job, no matter what - and even made an appearance in the interval act in Stockholm's Eurovision song contest final. Last year the band was one of the acts in London's Eurovision 60th anniversary show.
He tells the band itself didn't see or was not aware of all the celebrations in Finland after they won; people driving around at night with flags flying, and all that. They saw all that on videos afterwards and were just thinking "Oh Lord, ok, cool....". They were not also seeking Eurovision in their CV nor any of the band members had ever had any Eurovision dreams. 
"That year YLE wanted to try something else. Nightwish had tried Eurovision a few years earlier and in 2006 also another heavy band, singing in Finnish was taking part, Kilpi. I think it all got so big as we were the first Finnish winners, it could have been anyone else and it would have been the same. For us Eurovision was just a little side path that in the end became a huge highway. In Finland we can't do any interviews without Eurovision mentioned, abroad it is only mentioned in one out of ten. I had hard time with it for years but now it's ok. It's a part of band's history and I'm proud of it."
He's also proud of the movie Dark Floors (2008). "It's a bit funny how negatively it was welcomed only because it was a Lordi movie. The Eurovision hangover was at full force in Finland and Lordi had become a swear word. It's a horror movie as it was always planned to be. Some people expected some cute little movie for kids. It only proves people didn't still know who we were. Even in our gigs grandparents brought kids to see some Eurovision show and then the tabloids wrote the day after "Children left crying from Lordi's concert". Yeah, it must have been hard to wait 1,5 hrs for the Eurovision song watching us biting heads off babies and blood all over....."
And yes. Of course he watched Eurovision final. Like every year. 

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